Wine tasting

As Hungarian wine’s history is indeed vast and detailed, the delicious beverage has an eventful past in the country, making it to have an exceptional wine culture. In which wine tasting, wine tours and cellars play an integral part.

One of Hungarian tourism’s biggest and most promising branches is wine tourism, both on a national and international level. Not only because it includes gaining knowledge about the varieties, the production and the history of wine itself, but also because it provides an opportunity to visit and explore beautiful and unique places and landmarks. It’s a complex experience that benefits both the interests of a traveller, a wine enthusiast, or someone who just aims to relax while obtaining some pleasant memories.

No wonder that both locals and groups from all over the world are interested in the country’s very own wine tours, which of course, besides the geographical tour and factual education, includes wine tasting as well. These tours can span over as much as a week long, but the duration depends on the companies that organise and offer them. Generally speaking, they last over a couple of days to make time for everything there is to see, learn, and taste.

If you’d prefer to stay in the capital – or only have a limited amount of time on your hands – a multitude of opportunities await for those who are mostly interested in the wine region of Buda. There’s a whole range of wine cellars, under the majestic Buda castle, which mainly hold historic value. The cellars have been properly reinstated to their original appearance and structure, so they’re a great spectacle for anyone who enjoys gathering information or experience of historic importance. There are also general showcases, different programs, and naturally, tastings as well. You can also book trips to Etyek, the other main part of the Etyek-Buda region, which is only a short while away from Budapest.

There are companies who offer private wine tours for those who’d better participate in a more intimate experience, in which they can also get acquainted with several local wineries, while getting familiar with the area. These are ideal opportunities for those who would not like to share their excursion with larger groups.

The most popular area is, of course, Tokaj, where you can visit such renowned wineries as Oremus Winery, Sauska Winery, Portius Winery, or smaller, family-ran local wineries as well.