Wine collecting

Collecting things is a hobby and a pastime of many, whether it happens because of being accustomed to keeping them, or a genuine affection towards a certain type of object, ornament, or even wine. Wine collecting is one of the more adventurous diversions, as it encompasses many elements at once.

Collecting different varieties of wines should be about tasting and savouring them, right? Well, not exactly, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Many experts say that collecting wines should be, first and foremost, a passion and something that one enjoys, not a bullet point in the long list of one’s extracurricular activities. It shouldn’t be something to boast about, but it’s definitely something to take pride in.

So it shall be rooted in passion, interest and excitement – and having a spacious personal wine cellar filled with carefully selected and sorted varieties isn’t even the ultimate goal. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by not having the highest of incomes: you can start small and even keep a humble collection – the most important part is that you enjoy the “hunt”, the mere act of collecting and having them at your disposal. Whether you aim to collect your country’s or your region’s finest wines or would like to have a collection from all around the globe, as long as you’re doing it driven by enthusiasm, it will be a noteworthy assortment.

It is, in fact, the hobby of many wealthy individuals, who have the necessary amount of funds and connections to possess perhaps the rarest and most sought-after, most exclusive bottles of wine. Which is a noble concern, but it is actually achievable only for a very small percentage of the general population.

It is important to set your main goal – determine the aspects according to which you’ll be building up your collection – and stay realistic and well-prepared when it comes to your budget. If you’d like to sport wine collecting as a serious hobby, it perhaps isn’t going to work as something that is merely driven by impulses and sporadic spending. It is best to determine the amount of money you’re willing to invest in your newfound hobby every month or over a specific timeframe, and plan the purchases – the types and the amount of wine you’re buying – according to that figure.

If you’re not planning to actually consume your collection – as most collectors prefer -, also keep in mind that you should primarily purchase varieties that are ageable and endure the test of time.