Hungary is popular among tourists as a destination from China to USA. The country is rich in historical sites and it is the center of business and finance in Central Europe. Hungary has been a member EU state since 2004 and has achieved a lot to catch up with western standards of living.

Bath tourism is popular with elderly people from Germany and Russia. They make use of the develeoped infrastructure of Budapest and and other places in the country. Medical services are of high standard and prices are fair to moderate. Quite often these people spend weeks in Hungary.

Dental tourism in Hungary is one of the most important sectors attracting 65.000 patients a year from UK, Ireland and other Western-European countries. Dental clinics are top-notch, prices are affordable for an average citizen from these countries mentioned earlier. Expertise, tradition and hospitality make a perfect mix to a dental holiday.

Hair trips – a recently popular plastic surgery option is gaining ground now among westerners. Indeed, prices again are a great attraction, quality is never a question with Hungarian medical services. It is only Turkey that can compete with Budapest as the new center for hair transplantation in Europe. UK and France send the most hair patients to Hungary in 2023.

Stag weekends is another aspect of Budapest night-life. Britons and Irish guys flock the bars and pubs in Budapest and have a hell of a time for a long-long weekend. It is more and more typical to see hen parties organised for young women in ruin bars. Those in love with culinary experience can go to a wine tasting tour or food tour in Budapest or in the country.

Festivals like the Sziget or Balaton Sound are a major attraction for young people. They come in groups and spend a whole week partying at Lake Balaton or on Margaret Island located in the heart of Budapest.

Formula One event in the summer is another great attraction that brings great revenue for the country. Formula 1’s have been organised in Mogyorod since 1986 – 30 years of the event made its name into sport fans’ calendars.

As you can see there are lots of activities and interests besides the traditional attractions a tourist paradise like Hungary may have.